Krisonata Studios

Who we are

Krisonata studios is a post-production company based in Lagos, Nigeria. We are storytellers with a wide range of creative talents who are tech savvy and enthusiastic about every project. We create and apply, industry-standard procedures, speeding the post-production process and winning accolades from both customers and coworkers.


At Krisonata Studios, our in house editors carry out all offline and online editing in Davinci Resolve. Our team of expert editors have tons of experience across several sectors and are essential to the post-production process.


We offer sound mixing, from basic mixes to complex sound effects, and mastering.


At Krisonata Studios, we are aware of the crucial role that music plays in capturing an audience. We work with several composers to create and record both electronic and live instrument scores. 


To finish your color grading project, we either perform midrange colour grading in-house or, if your budget permits, we travel to specialized color grading suites.